Project Description

Pre performance test shot

Me and Ferdinand on the shore

Rachel Macmanus DUSK Performance Nov 2022

I flew to St Gilgen, a chocolate box perfect little village on the shores of Lake Wolfgang, about an hour from Salsburg. I was going there to conduct research and potentially make a performance on the invitation of Kirsty Lamont, who is writing her PHD exploring the three phases of dusk.

We managed to make the performance the evening I was leaving, on the shore of Lake Wolfgang, St Gilgen, The performance encountered the The three phases of dusk:

At civil dusk, the centre of the Sun’s disc goes 6° below the horizon in the evening.
At nautical dusk, the Sun apparently moves to 12° below the horizon in the evening. …
At astronomical dusk, the Sun’s position is 18° below the horizon in the evening, and the stars are visible.

I walked back and forth along the shore of Lake Wolfgang for just over an hour, without stopping. It was too cold to stop anyway, well below zero! We kept going until dusk had fully fallen, visibility was gone and it was no longer possible to catch any movement on film. Kirsty and her team filmed the performance and all going well it will be used as part of her PHD show in 2024. More images to follow.