Project Description

I made this in the first year of my MA. Watching it now lets me see why I got good marks. It still makes me feel intense feelings. I made drawings of stages of my day with my kid, getting dressed, doing walking practice, other things, all the tasks we did together each day. I made a performance on a beach in Clare, Called Flaggy Shore Beach (the site of other performances since) by pulling and pushing my sled around the beach through the sand. It was very hard work and the hard work helped me, as it always does, deal with the emotions attached to parenting a kid with special needs. The audio in the film is of a conversation we were having during a car journey going to Cork, which we did together every week at that time, for her physio and play school appointments.  I particularly like the drawings as I feel she, although only little at this time, has a strong presence in them. And her voice in the audio, talking about a hospital appointment. I know I did loads of writing around this work which is probably on my old blog if I looked for it.. but for now I am just writing about my memories of making this work.