Project Description

I completed an Artist in Schools Residency with St Annes School, Ennis. I worked with three of the older classes in the School, Willow, Oak and Rowan Classes. Together we worked on a design of the mural, incorporating ideas the pupils had around friendship, learning, the environment, the geography of the area and what school means to them. On designing the mural we took into consideration that all the school would pass by the mural everyday, pupils from all classes and staff alike, so it had to work for everyone. All the children who took part in the mural design and painting have an original drawing incorporated into the mural. The painting of the mural took longer than planned, due to its size, 35 foot x 8 foot, and the usual unpredictable Irish weather issues. The St Annes classes were amazing to work with and took the project really seriously.



In 2020/21 I completed an Artist In Schools Residency with Knockanean National School, Ennis, Co Clare.

The project was called a Pen Pal life experience exchange. It consisted of a series of letter exchanges with the Knockanean pupil and a resident of St Josephs Hospital Care Facility. We finished the exchange with each class making a mural which was presented to the hospital. As lockdown restrictions lifted, we were hugely fortunate to finish the project by being able to visit St Josephs for a tea party in the hospital gardens, allowing the penpals to meet each other finally.