126 performance review

https://youtu.be/jb-gLqQc6KI So the performance was a good experience for me, and there were nice people there and I felt a strong energy to the room. I was pleased to have been able to make the performance. From talking to people afterwards I got the impression [...]


2020 many many

things will happen hopefully. well not hopefully as it will happen if I make it happen. Anyway I was back in glór this morning which was good, as when I’m here I just do what I’m supposed to do. As opposed to lads of other [...]

Unpacking Pack, Unpack

so above are images of the performance in Shannon. It went off well logistically. I am going to make a copy of the notes I took before and immediately after performing. 'Weird liminal space. Purgatory- stuck between places. Waiting to start. Anti climactic but anticipatory. Everyone [...]

Preparing for Pack, Unpack

I have the Pack, Unpack performance this Thursday in Shannon Airport. I am going to pack the suitcase again now to try a trial before the proper trial tomorrow when I can use the glór studio. I am feeling good-ish about this at present. Anyone [...]

Body Alphabet development ideas

Image of how the printed postcard I made with the Body Alphabet printed on it looks How the individul letter shaps might look if placed together on a wall to make words ANother way to record words using the alphabet. By drawing them. Useful for [...]

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