Ive been very negligent with my blogging and I miss it. There are a myriad of reasons not worth going into right now as to why this has occurred. Suffice to say I mean to try and get back into it.

Last Saturday I went to IMMA to perform with BBeyond, the  longstanding Northern Irish Performance art Collective, based out of Belfast. It was their monthly group performance as part of the Earth Rising festival. I was feeling utterly crap with a raw, sore throat, swollen glands and a cough. But id brought the whole family up  to dublin for the weekend, id cancelled my going out plans for that evening, the weather on Saturday was lovely and sunny )after a week of relentless rain in Ennis) and I was damned if I was going to miss it after all that effort. Apart from sounding like one of Marge Simpsons sisters I didn’t feel too bad heading out.

My memories of the day- I met some artists I knew up on arriving which was nice- Eduardo, Sinead, Niamh and Brennagh. We chatted a bit then went off to get ready. I found the rest of the BBeyond crew out the back, where we put our stuff and got ready.

I had walked a good bit of the way up to IMMA and was hot and conscious of my sports bra and jacket smelling of BO- even thought they were clean, or so I’d thought. Accursed non natural fabrics that don’t wash well! Overriding memories of the day; the novelty of performing within a group of performers as opposed to on my own, and the strange energy that brought. Being encouraged to interact but at the same time not being sure who was approachable and who wasn’t. Some interesting interactions and exchanges of energy. Sunshine. Cobblestones. Soil. Shells. Screws. Heather. I ended up enjoying it and met Amanda Coogan, and got to talk to some of the BBeyond crew which was also nice. Afterwards I picked my way back to the room, put on my socks and shoes and made my excuses and left, as I wanted to see the show Xogenesis in IMMA, which was the foundation for a call out for movemtn based artists I’d responded to via Rajinder Singh. It sounded made for me. I applied for this trying not to get too hopeful- I am braced for disappointment as I have conditioned myself to be realistic by now. But I am hoping and hoping and hoping.